5 Reasons Why Employee Referrals Work So Well [Webinar]

Published on 08-05-2018

Employee referral programs gain in popularity – and for good reasons. They are one of the most time and cost efficient recruiting methods and have positive effects on the quality of hire. But why do employee referrals work so well? We will answer this question together with Arnim Wahls CEO from Firstbird in an upcoming webinar!

Date: May 23, 2018  |  Time: 10 – 11AM  |  Language: English

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CompanyMatch and Firstbird are partners and work together to increase the quality of hire. Firstbird is successfully supporting companies such as Deloitte, Vice, PWC and Arvato SCM with their market-leading digital employee referral program.

At Firstbird, we understand how important successful hiring is for the performance of a company. Our digital employee referral program enables companies to recruit talent through employee referrals, making their hiring faster, cheaper and more efficient.
– Arnim Wahls, CEO Firstbird

What is the webinar about?

Employees are a company’s best ambassadors. After all, employees know your company best and can promote it to the right talent. This not only promotes the cultural fit of future hires but also decreases your retention rate. And although employee referrals are a well-known practice, there are many questions revolving around the topic:

  • What are the benefits of a digital employee referral program?
  • How do I implement a digital employee referral program successfully?
  • How does a digital employee referral program work?
  • and many more

During the webinar, Tim Herlan, CompanyMatch Account Director, and Arnim Wahls, CEO of Firstbird, will answer those and many more questions. Register now here!

After just two weeks of using Firstbird, Deloitte’s Talent Scouts had shared their jobs over 2,100 times and generated 40 referrals! – Birgit Witzelsberger, Deloitte

Employee Referrals Benefits

Employee referral programs continue to be employers’ top source of hires. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Employee referrals save up to € 16,000 per hire
  • hire new employees in just 29 days
  • hire better performing employees that have a lower retention rate

However, currently most companies make use of manual employee referral programs, which come with a couple of major disadvantages:

  • missing transparency
  • no efficient communication
  • employee motivation low
  • difficult to manage

Firstbird has approached those issues by developing a digital platform that not only reduces the time effort but also generates more employee referrals with a higher degree of transparency.

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About Firstbird

Firstbird was founded in 2013 with the vision of bringing together the right people and the right jobs in the most efficient way possible: via employee referrals. With decades of HR experiences, they created a digital platform that optimises the employee referral process. Today, Firstbird is Europe’s leading employee referral program.

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