Are you a perfect Match with Vodafone?

Published on 09-10-2017

CompanyMatch has been successfully integrated into Vodafone’s career website! From now on, candidates have the opportunity to discover their individual Cultural Fit with Vodafone Germany’s company culture.

Are you a match with Vodafone

Do it the Vodafone Way!

CompanyMatch spoke to Anja Bank, Employer Brand Manager at Vodafone Germany, about the importance of Cultural Fit and Candidate Experience. At Vodafone, both these topics are one of their top priorities.

The company culture of Vodafone is extremely unique. On the one hand, we are very collegial, flexible and do not rely on fixed hierarchies, on the other hand, we request a hard working and ambitious attitude. (…) With the help of CompanyMatch we are able to communicate those values with candidates on an early stage. – Anja Bank

The Vodafone Way provides a guideline for everyone in the company, no exceptions made. It not only supports the daily decision-making process but also functions as a benchmark for employees.

Is the Vodafone Way also your way?

The newly integrated CompanyMatch Widget on the Vodafone career website provides candidates with the tools to answer this question. Job seekers can sign up with their LinkedIn/XING account or e-mail address and will then be forwarded to the CompanyMatch questionnaire. The widget has a positive impact on the Candidate Experience as it allows job seekers to compare their core values, drivers and preferences with Vodafone’s culture before the actual job interview even takes place.

So, just head over to Vodafone’s career website to explore your personal Cultural Fit or do it on!

Would you like to know more about the application process and Candidate Experience at Vodafone?
As part of our expert interview series, CompanyMatch spoke to Anja Bank, Employer Brand Manager at Vodafone Germany, about those topics and many more!

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