CompanyMatch ‘We hire for Cultural Fit’ Certificate

Published on 19-05-2016

From today the CompanyMatch “We hire for cultural fit” certificate is available to all our clients.

Looking for some inspiration? ManpowerGroup Germany provides a great example of a successful integration of the new CompanyMatch certificate into a career site. Next to the digital version the certificate is also available as an office display or frame making it visible to all employees as well as visitors and clients. All CompanyMatch clients in the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium can now make use of the certificate.

CompanyMatch certificate

“We hire for cultural fit” is a key principle for all our operations but it also represents what our clients stand for. But if you ask yourself “What does this actually stand for?”  please just have a look at the three questions and interesting answers about ‘Hiring for cultural fit’ below:

Why do our clients receive this certificate?
More and more employers are integrating CompanyMatch in their online orientation processes (where anonymous job seekers match with the company) as well as in their recruitment software where candidates are able to attach their personal CompanyMatch to the application. Many clients showed an interest in openly displaying the fact that hiring for ´cultural fit´ is part of their recruitment process and thus received the CompanyMatch certificate.

What do we really mean with ‘We hire for cultural fit’?
We strongly believe that employees are at their best, happiest and most productive when working in a company which best matches their personal needs, interests and values. CompanyMatch identifies, typifies and matches employers and candidates based on their shared values, norms and motivators. We identify these similarities or better the “Match” between the job seeker and the employer, as Cultural Fit. Companies that are using CompanyMatch in their recruitment strategy put a strong emphasis on this and are thought leaders in their industry.

In which way does CompanyMatch contribute to the ‘Hire for cultural fit’?
CompanyMatch supports job seekers in their search for the right employer during the orientation phase. Each user is able to match with unique employers and receive valuable information about their personal CompanyMatch. What do they value when it comes to organisational culture, leadership styles, teamwork and ambitions? The CompanyMatch provides great insights into the candidate’s cultural profile which can be shared with the employer during the application process. Employers receive a full picture of the applicant and with the integration of the CompanyMatch Widget into the career site, companies are also able to make their employer brand more interactive.

Ultimately CompanyMatch enables employers to increase their quality of hire and more importantly stand out from their competition.

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