CompanyMatch welcomes new Advisory Board members!

Published on 21-09-2018

The team of CompanyMatch is very happy to announce the two new members of our advisory board: Dr. Christoph Richter and MSc Matthijs van Etten.

The first half-year of 2018 has been marked by many positive events for CompanyMatch – both as a business and a team. We are highly motivated to take on future challenges and spread the message of hiring for Cultural Fit. The advisory board provides the CompanyMatch team with strategic advice and guidance as we grow and expand. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Christoph C. Richter and MSc Matthijs van Etten to the team of CompanyMatch.

Both, Christoph and Matthijs, bring not only numerous years of experience with extensive and complementary expertise but also a set of unique perspectives to the table.

About Dr. Christoph Richter


Christoph has a strong focus on business strategy and digital product management. He has worked for XING in different roles, varying from Senior Manager Corporate Development over Director Product E-Recruiting to SVP of the Business Unit ProWork. Before XING Christoph worked at McKinsey & Company as an Engagement Manager.

Personally, cultural fit with an organization and with a team have always been key criteria for me when looking for a new job. Discovering these very important aspects of a potential employer is still difficult. I am convinced that CompanyMatch has the potential to create transparency in this very important aspect of modern working life. – Dr. Christoph Richter

About MSc Matthijs van Etten


Matthijs has over 10 years of experience in building partner ecosystems and in setting up strategic alliances for companies like MrTed, Lumesse, and SmartRecruiters. He’s currently the Head of Channel and Global Partnerships at Usabilla, the industry leader in developing User Feedback tools and Voice of Customer solutions. He believes in open innovation as a business strategy and execution through sustainable partnerships that last.

Taking care of human capital and investing in talent should be a strategic pillar of any business, but the reality is often different. With CompanyMatch, we want to raise the bar to assess culture fit, both for the employer and candidate. This way we can empower companies with better hiring methods than their competition and make it easier for candidates to find their ideal work environment. – Matthijs van Etten

About CompanyMatch

Our founder and CEO Bjorn Veenstra is thrilled to have Christoph and Matthijs on board.

bjorn-veenstraCompanyMatch is in use with a growing population of employers in Europe. We are active in the BENELUX, DACH region and most recently we started with our first employer in Sweden. We also introduced a new solution: CompanyMatch Connect, a plug-in of our match technology which can be used in the staffing / jobbing industry. It is great to have the Advisory Board in place to reflect on strategy, tactics and more operational challenges and opportunities. – Bjorn Veenstra

CompanyMatch is an HR-tech company serving over 400 companies in Europe. Cultural Fit is rapidly gaining popularity in the resourcing industry, not only a topic of conversation among HR professionals, but also a tangible trusted replacement for what was known as the gut feel factor in hiring. In a world full of talented professionals it was relatively easy for recruiters to find a good match based on qualifications and experiences. The missing link in that process would be whether the applicant is actually a Cultural Fit for the company. Since 85% of all job seekers are looking for information on corporate culture, motives, and values of the organizations involved during their online orientation process, these are the most important factors for a candidate when considering a new employer. CompanyMatch matches and converts talent using an intelligent algorithm based on Cultural Fit.

How does leadership affect culture? And why should we redefine our leadership approach? CompanyMatch recently published a white paper on this topic. Just fill out the attached form to start the download. For free!

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