Cultural Fit: More Than a Gut Feeling

Published on 14-01-2015

This must sound familiar to every recruiter. You had followed up with this candidate for several weeks. Every item on your list was checked – a degree from good university, years of relevant experience, a proven track record of success, you name it. This person got your hopes up until you sat down and talked to him, it occurred to you that he was just not the right person.

Suddenly all your hard work went down the drain. So what went wrong? The answer usually lies in a cultural mismatch. And you really wish you could have spotted this earlier.

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Not only do we understand your frustration, we’re also not surprised to learn how few organizations in practice assess this increasingly important factor for hiring success. The truth is, unlike competency, “culture” can feel like an ambiguous concept that is a lot harder to describe, let alone to measure. Although as a recruiter you may excel at getting the first part right, we know for a fact that most of you find it difficult to gauge the cultural fit part. After all, being a good cultural fit goes deeper than meeting the dress code, and identifying it definitely requires more than a recruiter’s good gut feeling.


That’s why came into existence, aiming to address all recruiters’ pain point by cracking the code of cultural fit. It’s a platform that uses smart algorithms to help job seekers and employers discover their true cultural profiles and how well they match each other. The algorithms are based on a collection of research-proven models, featuring multiple themes like “Internal Relations”, “Leadership Style” and others. Every month this platform is generating 500,000 new matching points in its database to predict compatibility scores between a job seeker and any listed employer.


However, as entertaining as this matching process can be, we see its value go beyond being just a game. Getting a top talent onboard is like asking that dream girl out – you want to be the first in line when she is ready. That is exactly what platforms like can help recruiters achieve. It tells you who could be the high potentials for your company at a much earlier stage, therefore you should keep them on your radar. More importantly, with its anonymous option, it unlocks a much richer pool of talent for you – the passive job seekers, namely those who are currently employed. Although immediate hiring amongst this group may require extra work, it offers you the perfect opportunity to build a good relationship with your ideal talent and grow them into your loyal followers. Once these talent are back in the market, they will be more inclined to join your organization. When it comes to the battle for top talent, “the early bird catches the worm” definitely holds true.


Long story short, every recruiter should look into platforms like for a more efficient solution to culture assessment and then leverage it to build a strong talent pipeline.

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