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Published on 27-08-2015

From 15th until 17th of September 2015, at booth F.09 in Cologne, CompanyMatch will present its exclusive concept, which allows applicants to match online with the corporate culture of interesting companies via an interactive widget. This match can be attached directly to the application sent via the recruitment page as well as other recruitment channels and gives recruiters more interesting insights that can make a difference in the candidate selection.

Zukunft Personal 2015

Companies that use the CompanyMatch widget strengthen their employer brand because they present their corporate culture more transparent to job seekers and measurably optimise their candidate selection process.

What could fit in better with this year’s topic “arbeiten 4.0” – Personalmanagement im digitalen Wandel than a tool, which allows to determine the Cultural Fit between companies and applicants, online?

Hire for cultural fit and save up to 45,000 Euro

A vacancy is being advertised, several interested candidates apply, applications are sorted and evaluated. Afterwards, some candidates are invited for an interview with the department but in the end it turns out that some of the candidates are a mismatch.

Every recruiter knows the hassle and the expenditure of time, which goes unrewarded. An even worse scenario is when an applicant is hired but already in the first months it becomes obvious: This employee does not fit in at the company. In this case, not only the work of the recruiter, which has to be repeated, was in vain but there were numerous Euro spend for the salary and the practice of an employee who leaves the company shortly thereafter.

The usual candidate selection process, which is standard in nearly any company, looks at skills, experiences and achievements of applicants that can be proved e.g. with a certificate. They do not take into account the cultural component – the question: Does the applicant’s attitude and character fit in with our corporate values and culture? On average, each cultural mismatch will cost you between 20,000 and 45,000 Euro. This is where the concept of CompanyMatch applies.

Through the CompanyMatch Scan©, a questionnaire which is inspired on different studies about personality and culture, employer brand and personal brand are matched with each other. Companies describe their individual corporate culture by going through the CompanyMatch Scan©. Job seekers then also complete the CompanyMatch Scan© on the company website. The software compares the entered figures and matches them. The result is a percentage figure, which describes the match between the corporate culture and the applicant’s culture, called the Cultural Fit.

The applicant can attach this match directly to his application or the company has CompanyMatch integrated as an API (Application Programming Interface) in its online application form and receives the match automatically with the application. With the aid of the match the recruiter can take a decision in which measurable facts as well as an indicator for the harmony with the corporate culture can be included. In other words: The chance to hire the “right” one increases significantly.

Besides the integration on the own career website the CompanyMatch widget can be used on any other website such as Facebook or any job board. In addition, each employer, whom CompanyMatch teams up with is listed on and appears among the match results if a job seeker runs the CompanyMatch Scan© independently from a specific company. That way the own prominence can be increased.

Lean and easy implementation

You can easily copy and paste the CompanyMatch widget embed code into your career site. With our API you can add CompanyMatch to your application form. Once your employer brand was mapped via the CompanyMatch Scan©, the company profile is activated and can be customised.

Register your company on now, join us and benefit from the newest trend in the area of employer branding and cultural fit, right away!

A good match between the employer brand and the personal brand is gaining more and more importance. This development reflects the initial idea of CompanyMatch founder and CEO Bjorn Veenstra.

“Culture and engagement are now business issues, not just topics for HR to debate. And there’s no place for organisations to hide. This year, employee engagement and culture issues exploded onto the scene, rising to become the No. 1 challenge around the world in our study.” – Global Human Capital Trends 2015 published by Deloitte University Press


About CompanyMatch

At CompanyMatch we strongly belief that employees are at their best, happiest and most productive when working for a company that best matches their personal values. CompanyMatch identifies and characterizes employers based on their corporate culture. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, CompanyMatch is already actively matching job seekers with great employers. Furthermore, candidates can discover interesting employers, learn more about themselves and attach their personal match to their application.

At this moment, CompanyMatch is working together with over 300 companies including, amongst others, Rabobank Netherlands, Deloitte, Randstad Netherlands, Carglass, Siemens, Sky Germany, Henkel, KPMG, Lidl, ASML and Philips and is available in Dutch, German, French and English.

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