Partnership CompanyMatch & Firstbird

Published on 23-05-2018

CompanyMatch entered a new partnership with Firstbird, the company behind Europe’s leading employee referral program. Together, we will continually pursue our mission of improving the quality of hire by matching the right people with the right jobs within fitting corporate cultures. Here is why CompanyMatch is so looking forward to this collaboration.

Cultural Fit & Employee Referrals – the perfect Match!

The partnership between CompanyMatch and Firstbird combines two successful recruiting concepts: Cultural Fit with employee referrals. We believe that employees are a company’s best ambassadors. After all, employees know their company in and out. That is why they can promote it to the right talent. This not only increases the cultural fit of future hires but also decreases your retention rate. It’s been shown that employee referrals save up to € 16,000 per hire. On top of that, those new hires perform better due to a good match with the culture of a company.


Combining the two concepts leads to many benefits:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • More interesting job ads
  • Optimised candidate experience
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Long-term employment more likely
  • Decreasing costs of bad hires

Those are only a few of many mutual benefits with the one goal in mind: A better quality of hire. But we do not only combine our software but also engage in mutual activities all year around. Our upcoming webinar on May 23, 2018, is one example of those activities.

At Firstbird, we understand how important successful hiring is for the performance of a company. Our digital employee referral program enables companies to recruit talent through employee referrals, making their hiring faster, cheaper and more efficient.
– Arnim Wahls, CEO Firstbird

How it works

Firstbird clients can add CompanyMatch as integration to their job offer, enabling candidates to instantly discover their Cultural Fit with the company. Also, candidates are able to attach their personal CompanyMatch to their application – without leaving Firstbird. On the Firstbird dashboard, clients can, among other things, see an applicant’s match result as well as by which he/she was referred. This way, we add value to not only the process of Firstbird’s clients but also of their users.

CompanyMatch and Firstbird

CompanyMatch, on the other side, introduces Firstbird’s concept of employee referrals to our existing clients. We believe that in a crowded job market, companies need to add value to their recruiting process if they want to stay relevant as an employer. Simple job ads are simply not enough anymore. Firstbirds referral software makes job advertisements more interactive as well as improves employee engagement by actively involving them in the recruiting process.

Any more questions?

The topic of employee referrals, as well as Cultural Fit, often generates questions. That is why, our Account director Tim Herlan partnered up with Firstbird CEO Arnim Wahls for a webinar on May 23, 2018, from 10 – 11 AM. Here, they will point out the reasons why employee referrals work so well. In addition, they will explain how to integrate the concept successfully. Register now!

About Firstbird

Firstbird was founded in 2013 with the vision of bringing together the right people and the right jobs in the most efficient way possible: via employee referrals. With decades of HR experiences, they created a digital platform that optimises the employee referral process. Today, Firstbird is Europe’s leading employee referral program and support companies such as Deloitte, Vice, PWC and Arvato SCM.

Want to know more now? CompanyMatch published a white paper about the position of corporate culture in a digital world, based on scientific research and current studies. Please fill out the form to start the free download. 

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