Promising position or job from hell? Choose a company culture that fits!

Published on 01-08-2019

Sometimes the company culture of an organisation is totally different than you imagine it to be. It may seem trivial, but this can be the difference that turns your promising job expectation into sheer employment hell. So, how do you make sure you join a company culture that fits your personal values and ensures your happiness in the workplace? CompanyMatch can help you there.

Picture this:

You’re casually looking around for a new job and come across a company that seems to fit you perfectly. Their employer brand appeals to you and you can vividly imagine the atmosphere and company culture of this organisation. You just know you’ll feel right at home there. By a stroke of luck, you find a job description that fits perfectly, so you send out your application.

Your personal values in the workplace

You get through the application process successfully, only to find out after joining the organisation that its values and company culture don’t match your own. You then have the choice to work at a place where you don’t fit in or start the application dance all over again. Here is how you can avoid this pitfall.

Discover your personal values

To discover if a company matches your personal values, you need to first find out what they are. There are several ways to do this.

Find out what makes you tick

A way to discover your personal values is to look at the most intense emotional responses you’ve had throughout your life. Make a list of the specific situations that triggered these reactions and describe, in detail, what the reason was for this extreme emotion. You’ll find that in a lot of these cases your personal values were either followed perfectly or violated. By diving deeper into the reason of your reactions, you’ll discover what those personal values were.

Looking back as an 80-year-old

Another method is to imagine yourself as an 80-year-old, looking back on your life. What were the things that you liked about yourself as a person and the things that you did? How did you react to conflict and what were moments that you could be the proudest of yourself? Make a list of these things. You can then delve deeper into your intentions and motivations until you discover your values.

If you need more tips or examples, you can have a look at this helpful wikiHow article on personal values.

Pick values from a list

Once you’ve done one of the exercises above, or, if you already have an idea of what your values are, you can go through a list and choose the terms that best express your personal values. You can find some examples of personal core values that can be related to your work life in the table below.


Match your values with those of companies and organisations

Okay, so now you’ve discovered what your personal values are. How do you proceed with matching them to companies? This part is actually very simple!

CompanyMatch provides a simple, effective and free tool to match your personal values, drivers and motivators to the values and culture of hundreds of employers. All you have to do is register and answer the questions of our CompanyMatch Scan. This will take you about 5 minutes.

Once done, you can directly see the organisations that have the highest matching percentage. Click on an employer to see your detailed match report and to discover which of your values match the best with the company.

Match Report example

Outsmart your competition with CompanyMatch

When you’ve found a company that has a high matching score and you decide to send your application to them, you can send the link to your Match Report along with your application. This way the employer will have instant proof that you and the organisation are a match and it will give you an edge with competing candidates who have the same skills as you but didn’t match as well, or at all. In addition, this will give you and your interviewer an interesting topic to talk about during a possible interview.

Ready to try it? Find your CompanyMatch now!

Are you an employer?

Do you represent an organisation and would you like to match your company culture and values with those of candidates to find out if there’s a Company Fit? You can register your organisation, request a demo or find more info here.

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