#truMunich – The Recruitment Unconference

Published on 14-09-2017

For the second time this year, the #truMunich conference is taking place in Munich on October 10. CompanyMatch is not only actively taking part but also supports the event as a sponsor for the second time in a row. We are looking forward to the interactive recruiting conference, including current case studies and tips how to improve the online candidate experience.

CompanyMatch at the #truMunich

#tru – A different kind of Recruitment event

#tru stands for “The Recruitment Unconference”, which basically means: #truMunich is not your daily conference. The #tru events are designed to support the active exchange of knowledge and experiences of recruitment professionals. That is why power point presentations and keynotes are being replaced by a day of interactive and passionate discussions. Participants can choose from different subjects (called ‘tracks’), which are all supervised by an expert of the specific field.The ‘track leader’ possesses an high amount of knowledge about the topic, is, however, mainly supposed to enrich the discussion with interesting insights and challenging facts.

#tracks – Many Topics to discuss

The track subjects are divided into four categories, all of them dealing with a different trend, development or new technology in recruitment. In addition to engaging in lively discussions, participants get the opportunity to see new products, test recent technologies, get a deeper insight into current case studies.
The track include topics like “Using brands as recruitment tool”, “The candidate-centred recruitment process”, “Cultural Fit and diversity” and “The new candidate journey in recruitment”.

#CompanyMatch – Introducing the Importance of Cultural Fit

As one of the leading companies in the field of Cultural Fit, CompanyMatch is not only acting as a sponsor of the event but will also present a track about the subject “Cultural Fit and Diversity”. We are looking forward to share our extensive knowledge about the positive impact of Cultural Fit on recruitment but also to receive new suggestions and inspirations from fellow HR specialists.

Our Account Director Tim Herlan, who is supervising the CompanyMatch track, says about #truMunich: “I am already looking forward to another exciting event with interesting discussions and new technology. There is always something to learn at a #tru event!”

CompanyMatch is looking forward to the “Unconference” at October 10 in Munich!

October 10, 2017
9:30 am until 5pm

CareerBuilder Germany GmbH
Dingolfinger Str. 15
81673 Munich

The complete agenda of where to meet CompanyMatch in 2017 can be found here.

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