Where to Meet CompanyMatch in 2017

Published on 21-03-2017

CompanyMatch is looking forward to a very busy 2017 with many interesting events coming up that could not differ more from one another. Throughout the year we will update this overview and will be adding UK events soon. In this blog post we would like to provide you with a little insight into our schedule and at the same time share a bit of our excitement!

An overview of confirmed events CompanyMatch will be attending in 2017*:

* This list will be updated throughout the year

OTaC Konferenz in Düsseldorf
The CompanyMatch team had a great day at Potentialpark’s OTaC Conference in Düsseldorf which was hosted by our new client Vodafone. Interesting presentations about current changes and trends in employer branding as well as the challenge of digitalisation made the event a great experience. CompanyMatch’s very own Tim Herlan, Account Director UK/DACH, also held a keynote speech about the impact of Cultural Fit on the recruiting process.
You can find out more about the OTaC Conference, rankings and our impressions in our blog post (only available in German) or on the website of Potentialpark.

Headhunting Trends in Berlin (March 6 – 7)
We are proud to be part of the Headhunting Trends conference in Berlin which was held for the first time this March. According to recent studies, companies are becoming more dependant on external recruiters to attract key talent which leads to many question about how to be successful in this recruitment segment.
CompanyMatch organised a workshop about “Cultural Fit and its influence on the quality of hire” during which we demonstrated how the corporate culture of a company influences the recruitment process and how modern technology could simplify matters especially in the field of recruitment. More information about the Headhunting Trends conference can be found here.

Connexys Conference in Cologne (March 14)
Dutch company Connexys invited us to its yearly conference in Cologne which focuses on how intelligent technology such as Artificial Intelligence can be integrated in recruitment strategies to optimise processes and support recruiters both internally and externally.
CompanyMatch delivered a Keynote speech about the importance of Cultural Fit in recruitment processes. Find out more about the event here.

Emerce eRecruitment in Amsterdam
CompanyMatch is going to act as partner of this year’s Emerce eRecruitment event on the 6th of April in Amsterdam. The seventh edition of the event is focusing on current developments and innovations in the field of online recruitment and is therefore not only a great platform to discuss and exchange ideas but also offers great possibilities to learn more about topics such as Employer Branding and Social Media Development. Get your tickets now!

Candidate Experience Symposium in Frankfurt a. M.
Nowadays, the needs and opinions of employees play no longer a secondary role in the recruitment process but come to the fore. The Candidate Experience Awards and the Benchmark Program DACH created a risk- and cost-free contest for all employers interested in measuring and improving their Candidate Experience. Talent Board, the initiator of the awards, is the first American non-profit organisation that focuses on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. The organization, Candidate Experience Awards program and its sponsors are dedicated to recognizing the candidate experience offered by companies throughout the entire recruitment cycle.
For the first time, this year’s Candidate Experience Awards for Germany, Austria and Switzerland are hold in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. Details and the possibility to purchase tickets can be found here.

CorporateCultureCamp 2017 in Hamburg (May 4-5)
Once again we will be attending the CorporateCultureCamp in Hamburg, Germany. We are looking forward to two interesting days packed with lively discussions and informative presentations about innovations and changes in the field of corporate culture as well as the influence of digitalisation on a company’s culture.

TNW Conference
CompanyMatch has been selected to participate among 50 other Start-Ups in the Scale Program of this year’s Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. The TNW is with over 15.000 visitors and many highly successful keynote speakers Europe’s biggest Tech festival and therefore offers a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and broaden our network. Our blog post contains more information about CompanyMatch’s participation and the event itself.

Demo_Day 2017 in Utrecht (June 8)
On June 8th the Dutch recruitment platform Recruitment Tech will hold the first Demo_Day, the little sister of the Recruitment Tech event later this year, which focuses mainly on the newest recruitment technology and offers the opportunity to participate in in-depth discussions with experts exchanging ideas and opinions about trends and challenges. For more information about the Demo_Day click here.

Be part of the future! Zukunft Personal in Cologne (September 19-21)
CompanyMatch is looking forward to participating in the Zukunft Personal event in Cologne, the biggest trade show for personnel management in Europe. We expect several days of agile exchanges about innovations and trends as well as fascinating presentations about topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Recruitment Trends 2020 and digital leadership.
Have a look at some of the highlights of last year’s Zukunft Personal:

HR Tech World in Amsterdam (October 24-25)
The CompanyMatch team is also very excited about the HR Tech World in Amsterdam which with more than 10.000 visitors from over 120 countries is one of ‘the greatest HR shows on earth’. Attendees include CEO’s and HR leaders from the world’s fastest growing businesses but also leading buyers and sellers of HR technology and services from around the world.

Just have a look for yourselves:

Recruitment Tech Event in Utrecht (November 23)
As mentioned earlier CompanyMatch is also attending the Recruitment Tech Event on November 23rd in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Current trends in employer branding and recruitment as well as a preview of what the technology of tomorrow could look like are only a little insight in the event’s interesting programme.

The CompanyMatch team is looking forward to an exciting year with many great events! Let’s “Be happy at work”!

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